Tuesday, 5 November 2013

How to make money online for beginners

 While i was busy trying to see how easy to make money online for newbies, i decided to see if i can use some of the methods that does not required cash to see if i can actually earn some cash from completing surveys and other stuffs.
The end result is that anyone can earn passive income online!

Here i want to share with you 3 ways beginners can work from home.
1. Blogging: You set up a blog, write content and then do some SEO on it, you then monetize it with either CPA, PPC, or sell direct advert on it, you can read how to start a blog here

2. Paid to write: Do you know you can earn money from the internet writing articles? the pay starts from $5 - $20 per 500 words and some companies pay upfront. you can also read more about how to get paid to write online on the link above.

3. Paid to Survey: You get paid for taking survey and you don't need to invest anything to get started, any company that want you to give them money is only going to dupe you. don't trust them.
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